Classes / Levels

The intermediate/advanced levels are meant for dancers who are solid with their foundations. It is not meant for people who have taken only a few beginning classes - please work on your foundations before joining us in the higher levels! While we love our beginning dancers, we have to be strict about our levels in the higher classes so that the advanced dancers get a chance to learn as well!

Lindy Beginning Class

Our beginning Lindy Hop class focuses on getting people ready to dance that night. This is a drop-in monthly series that will have people dancing every night while building up their Lindy Hop fundamentals through the month. Come by on the first Saturday of the month and see what Lindy is all about! This is a series that continues for the entire month, so generally you want to show up for the first of the month. If you have some experience with partner dance, then you might be able to make it showing up the second Saturday, but after that, we suggest that you check out our Blues lesson which is drop-in every week.

Lindy Intermediate/Advanced Class

After the student has learned the basic fundamentals of Lindy Hop, they are ready to move into our Int/Adv track. This will be "Teacher's Choice" - and as we bring in new teacher's on a regular basis, there will always be exciting material to help you improve your Lindy Hop!

Blues Beginning Class

Every Saturday night we offer a drop-in class to introduce people to Blues Dancing. Whether you are a completely new dancer, or you know some Blues and want to work on your fundamentals, come check out our class. We'll have rotating teachers, so there will be lots of new material each Saturday.