Creative Staff

Our creative staff consists of all of our Lindy and Blues Teachers and DJs and everyone who pours creative energy into our venue. Bless you all!

We're just beginning to compile a list now, so you can presume that the information on the following pages is incomplete! We're still combing the scene for competent teachers and DJs. If you know anyone who might fit into The Rent Party staff, please be sure to let us know!

We are looking for people in the following departments:

  • Promotion / Lindy Bombing
  • DJ Lindy
  • DJ Blues
  • Teach Lindy
  • Teach Blues
  • Rent-a-Dancer
  • Rent-a-Teacher
  • Worker (door staff, setup, teardown)

New Teachers

Interested in becoming a teacher? We have two requirements for our new teachers:
  1. They must be currently social dancing the dance they want to teach (Lindy/Blues)
  2. They need to send us a proposed lesson plan for the class they want to teach.

Usually we will start our new teachers with the beginning lesson, and soon we will have implemented a curriculum for the beginning classes, so this policy will be changing soon.