Quiet Outside, Party Inside!

We know you just had an awesome night of dancing and that nothing could be better than talking to your friends. However, The Rent Party is located in a residential district and we like to stay open late. To do so, we need you to respect our neighbor's need for sleep and maintain complete silence from the door to until you reach your car. Once you're there, feel free to talk to your heart's delight! (except in convertibles :). To be clear:

No talking on Shotwell!

That means no whispering, no laughing, no conversation at all allowed on the street.

We're sorry to be so strict about this, but if we have noise problems, we can lose our ability to remain open late, and may even lose the venue. As such, we need to enforce the above policy, and people who continue to talk outside the venue may be restricted from returning, or, in extreme cases, be drawn and quartered. We know you don't want that. So, help us stay open by keeping it quiet.

Remember, party inside, quiet outside!