Want to be a part of the action?   Get Involved!

There are endless numbers of people helping make this happen, but here are some of the reasonably important folks:

David Ljung Madison
O Captain! My Captain!
Dave discovered Lindy Hop 13 years ago and has been dancing almost every day since. He has happily spent the last decade here in San Francisco. He was also instrumental in the beginnings of the Blues .. (expand)
Chelsea Lessard
Chelsea was a big part of making the SLO Lindy scene happen, and now we are thrilled to have stolen her away to come join the SF Lindy scene.
Rose Connally
Volunteer Co-ordinator
Rose Connally started out just helping here and there, but then decided to be awesome and become part of our team!
Jeanine Wurzel
Jeanine is our promotions guru and one of our opening/closing staff
Daniel Greenhouse
Lindy DJ Co-ordinator, Breakdown Manager
Disco Dan is named Disco Dan for a reason. Ask him about it.