Rent-A-Dancer     (free!)

We've all been there.

We were all beginners once.

You finish class, dance with a few other beginners from the class, and then sheepishly leave the dance early, wondering when you'll finally get to dance with those other dancers in the room. The day when your dancing will skyrocket and when things start to make sense, but not today, because today it's still too intimidating.

This is no way to grow a scene.

We believe firmly in bringing in new beginners and making everyone an awesome dancer in the safest and fastest way possible.

We are social dancers.

One way we do this is through the Rent-A-Dancer program. The Rent-A-Dancers are available for anyone to ask to dance. These are volunteers who want to grow the scene and realize that by making newbies into great dancers will only make our scene great.

Anyone can be a Rent-A-Dancer! All you have to do is put on one of our glow bracelets that are found at the venue!

I'm A Beginner

Great - look for the Rent-A-Dancers, they'll be wearing glow bracelet, and this means they're more than happy to dance with you. The rental cost is free!. This doesn't mean you shouldn't feel free to ask anyone to dance, so don't despair if you don't see any Rent-A-Dancers available. It's courtesy to only ask a Rent-A-Dancer once each night, since they probably have many people they want to dance with!

I Want To Be A Rent-A-Dancer!

Fantastic! You're our kind of people. We'll be giving away free passes on occasion to our Rent-A-Dancers, so it can directly help your wallet. Grab a glow bracelet from the flyer table and wear it when you want to be a Rent-A-Dancer. Feel free to take it off when you need a break, but when you're wearing it, you're expected to say "yes" to dance requests. And remember, please no unsolicited feedback! The only feedback we want to hear from our Rent-A-Dancers is if they are being physically hurt, otherwise have fun and have the best dance you can!

(Personally we dream of a day when everyone at the venue is a Rent-A-Dancer and we can end the program, because remember, it's always nice to say yes to a dance!)