Our Promises

We are bringing in all the dancers you love as well as many new dancers to make this venue healthy and packed.

We are creating a fun environment with music that makes people want to dance and party.

We are building an open environment that is welcoming to new dancers, with our Rent-A-Dancers (at the low cost of free) who are open to dancing with all. Want to be a Rent-A-Dancer? Great, because..

We are having a community driven event, involving anyone who wants to be involved and has something to share. We have an open call for teachers and DJs so this doesn't just end up being a venue run by and for our friends. From the pool of the entire community we pick the best DJs and best teachers that will help grow the scene and help people have a fun time. This is for everyone.

We are starting a revolution, baby, and you're a part of it!