I'm New!

What is The Rent Party?

The Rent Party is your Saturday night party! It's a set of Swing and Blues classes followed by an open dance till late at night. We are welcoming to advanced dancers as well as people who are completely new to the dance scene!

You do not need to bring a partner, we are a social dance venue and believe that everyone should dance together.

Looking for a great place to start dancing?

Looking for an exciting way to be active?

Looking for a bunch of fun new people?

Come to The Rent Party, Saturday Nights!

Where should I start?

Great! Welcome to Swing and Blues dancing! You've picked a great city to start dancing in, San Francisco is widely recognized as one of the best places in the world to both Swing and Blues Dance. We have lots of options for new dancers, and we'd love to have you come to our venue. You don't need to bring a partner, but feel free to bring your friends.

Starting this March, there will be two class options for new dancers:

  1. Lindy Hop Beginning Series
    Every month (starting with the first Saturday of the month) we have a 1 hour monthly series class at 8:30pm to teach you Lindy Hop. We get you out on the dance floor after the first night, but spend the whole month perfecting your connection and preparing you for the Int/Adv classes. You can take the Beginning series as often as you like, we'll have different teachers each month and you'll always learn something new.
  2. Blues Beginning
    Every week at 8:30pm we have an hour long class to teach you the fundamentals of Blues dancing.

So what's the difference?

Good question! All of the classes teach partnered (social) dancing based on Jazz/Blues music. Here's a brief description of the dances named above, but the best way to find out is to come to our venue and check out the dance rooms!
Is a very broad definition that includes dances such as the Lindy Hop and Charleston, as well as six-count swing. For our classes, this is usually used to refer to dances such as six-count which are easier to learn.
Lindy Hop
This is the grandfather of all swing dances, based on the basic step called the 'Swing Out.' It's a high energy and 'bouncy' dance that is fun to do and great to watch.
Blues is a slow and close embrace dance, much like tango, though it has the pulse that one finds in Blues music. Blues Dancing is actually older than the Lindy Hop, though it mostly disappeared from the dance world, only to be resurrected in the last ten years or so, and is now sweeping the world.