Guest Creative Staff

We are big fans of bringing in teachers and DJs from around the country and even around the world!

Because of their location, these folks are not in our normal rotation, so we've saved this space to put up info about them so you know what to expect.

Ursula Ledergerber
Zurich, CH
Ursula finished her professional dance education in July 2002, including Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Flamenco and more. She has been teaching in Switzerland but also on a international level .. (expand)
Adam Lee
Beijing, CN
Adam Lee is the founder of Swing Beijing and the Beijing Big Band, and has been swingin' since he was 7 years old starting with music (saxophone and clarinet), and picking up swing dance in 1997. .. (expand)
Patrick Warren
Austin, TX
Patrick began dancing in 2002 after being dragged kicking and screaming to a Swing class. He was instantly hooked. Introduced to Blues dancing in 2004, Patrick began attending several Blues .. (expand)
Karissa Lightsmith
Seattle, WA
Karissa started blues dancing one steamy night in Seattle kitchen and knew the blues was for her! This music makes her weep, rejoice, praise, and melt all at the same time. With any luck, her sets will .. (expand)