Get Involved!

Want to be a part of the awesome team that is creating this event?


We have the following jobs/tasks that need people! Join us and get free admission and get the pleasure of helping build the swing scene here in San Francisco!

Job Listings

Co-Organizer (on occasion!)
Our two main organizers are responsible for opening and closing the venue. Unfortunately they occasionally need a break, so we are looking for someone responsible who can solve problems and can sometimes handle opening and closing the venue (running volunteers, setting up sound, managing issues, handling close, etc..)
We are always looking for opening/closing volunteers! Contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator to join the team - this is not an every week commitment, unless you want it to be!
Creative Staff Co-Ordinator
We need someone to manage scheduling teachers and DJs for the venue, we have all the info, you just need to put it all together and put the information up on our calendar
Band Liaison (on occasion!)
We are hiring bands about once a month, and we need someone who can deal with all the pre-event band co-ordination, such as scheduling the bands and coaching them on what we expect, and then (combined with the organizer for the night) helping the bands arrive and get setup the night of.
Online Promotion
We need someone who can handle posting to various online sources, as well as managing some advertising plans.
Creative Staff
Think you have what it takes to teach or DJ for us? Let us know and we'll talk to you about what we're looking for! We're happy to be an outlet for new teachers and DJs in the scene.
If you're interested, please contact us and let us know what jobs you are interested in.