Blues Teachers

In Alphabetical Order
David Ljung Madison
San Francisco, CA
David Madison is the head of The Rent Party as well as an internationally recognized Lindy Hop and Blues teacher.
Dexter Santos
San Francisco, CA
Dexter Santos discovered Blues dancing in 2005 and has since been inspired by the soulful and expressive quality of blues music. Whether he is teaching, performing or just social dancing, Dexter is very .. (expand)
Heidi Fite
San Francisco, CA
Heidi began dancing and teaching Blues dance with Charlie Fuller in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1999 but she now lives in San Francisco, California, where she teaches weekly Lindy Hop classes with Manu .. (expand)
Michelle Richter
San Francisco, CA
Michelle Richter has been dancing for over 20 years and seriously studying dance for about 15 years. Her background in ballet and modern dance has inspired her to focus on technique combined with .. (expand)
Ruth Hoffman
San Francisco, CA
Ruth Hoffman has been skipping and twirling through life since she began studying ballet and piano at the age of three. In high school way back in the '90s she discovered the joys of dancing with partner connection. She was .. (expand)
Shannon Woods
San Francisco
Shannon began dancing when she was no taller than her current knee height. From those early beginnings in ballet and going on to jazz and hip-hop, she discovered partner dancing in the world of .. (expand)