Lindy Teachers

In Alphabetical Order
Autumn LaVarta
San Francisco
Autumn runs the Friday Night Swing at the Metronome Dance Center.
Dave Trier
San Francisco
A San Francisco native, Dave vividly remembers the joy he felt the first time he witnessed Lindy Hop. A decade later, he brings a very musical and energetic style while he competes, performs, instructs, studies and dances .. (expand)
David Ljung Madison
San Francisco, CA
David Madison is the head of The Rent Party as well as an internationally recognized Lindy Hop and Blues teacher.
Hep Jen
San Francisco, CA
Hep Jen started teaching Lindy Hop in Seattle in 1997, and it has been her full-time passion ever since. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2004, she started teaching the weekly free swing dance lesson at Lindy .. (expand)
Jean and Bromley
Berkeley, CA
Jean Ma and Bromley Palamountain first teamed up in August of 2004. Jean taught performance swing dancing to UC Berkeley students as part of "The [M]ovement". She is also well-versed in hip hop, having .. (expand)
Michelle Richter
San Francisco, CA
Michelle Richter has been dancing for over 20 years and seriously studying dance for about 15 years. Her background in ballet and modern dance has inspired her to focus on technique combined with .. (expand)
Michael Terkowski
San Francisco, CA
Michael is a professional dancer and performer from San Francisco. He has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2002, and learned his Lindy Hop the "old fashioned way" by dancing in .. (expand)
Nathan Dias
San Francisco
Nathan teaches regular group swing dance and lindy hop classes in San Francisco. Nathan's teaching draws on many years of dance lessons, workshops and social dancing as well as his experience as a performer .. (expand)