Blues DJs

Headliner Staff
Steven Watkins
San Francisco, CA
Steven, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, originally hails from New York City, Steven now calls San Francisco/Oakland Home! He started dancing 6 years ago, and he began his BLUES DJing career at his other adopted .. (expand)
Roy Rydbeck
San Francisco
Roy Learned to Lindy Hop back in 1997 in San Francisco from Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe. In 1998 Roy moved to Tampa Florida where he started his Lindy Hop DJ career and continued to dance. In 2000 Roy .. (expand)
Creative Staff
Ben Nathan
San Francisco
Ben Nathan Bio coming soon
Cid Galicia
Chico, California
Cid has been djing for 4 years now; beginning with house parties and then, under the tutelage of Scott Kaufman and Ron Thompson, djing lindy nights at Midtown Stomp. After which, he began djing frequently at FNB, getting to dj .. (expand)
Sue Kearney
Oakland, CA
Sue's is passionate and down-to-earth about lindy hop and blues music and dancing. She loves to dance and to watch the music she spins inspire others to dance. Sue's a follow and does some close-dance .. (expand)
Up and Coming
Anna Fizyta
San Francisco
Anna started DJing at house parties, playing a mix of blues and non-blues modern music. It was dancing to the alt stuff that inspired her to start Shades of Blues. .. (expand)
David Ljung Madison
San Francisco, CA
David Madison is the head of The Rent Party as well as an internationally recognized Lindy Hop and Blues teacher. Every once in a while he can be talked into DJing Blues. His secret is to play the good music that the .. (expand)
Scott Dylewski
San Francisco
Scott learned to Lindy hop in Ithaca, NY before moving to the SF bay area in 2001. He spent many years dancing and traveling before he started playing music at Wednesday Night Hop, where he .. (expand)