Veteran Dinosaurs!

We have great respect for the dancers who have been in the scene for a long time. After a certain point, your contribution to the scene is invaluable. That's why we are implementing a policy for the small group of people we call our Veteran Dinosaurs. What's a Veteran Dinosaur? Someone who fulfills all of these requirements:

Dancing Lindy Hop or Blues
on a regular basis for at least 10 years.

In this case, "regular basis" means dancing once a week. If you took a break at some point, that's fine, but it doesn't count towards your ten years. We need:

  1. Ten years or more of:
  2. ..Lindy Hop and/or Blues
  3. ..once or more a week
We know that this is a small group of people, but if you stick with it, then some day this will be you. And if this IS you, then you get into our venue for FREE for our first year.

Just to clarify - it needs to be on a regular basis, so if you were dancing 10 years ago but only once a month or so, or if you were dancing every night and then took a break for a year or so, then you don't qualify (yet!). And that "once or more a week" means we want you to count up the number of weeks you were dancing once or more - it is not an average, so five times a week for 2 years and then no dancing for 8 years does not count (Though it's fantastic!)

If you qualify, you need to send us a mail stating that you have been dancing Lindy and/or Blues on a weekly basis for at least 10 years! If you miss any part of those requirements, your mail will be ignored. Whether you're a Veteran Dinosaur or not, thanks for being a part of our community!

Also note that it can sometimes take a couple of days to get on our guest list, so mailing us on Saturday is probably too late for that week.